What is Free Map Editor?

Free Map Editor (FME) is a project started by Stuart "Stucuk" Carey to create a CSG Map Editor that costs nothing and has good plugin support.

Why do we need another Map Editor?

There is two main problems with most Map Editors: They are either hard to use/learn or they don't have any plugin system(Or a very basic one). The main reason you want a good plugin system is so that you are not tied down to what the editor was designed for. Most editors were only designed for one game (Or Series), so without a plugin system you generaly only are able to use there model and texture formats in the editor.

When will Free Map Editor be released?

It will be released "When its done". Its being created in Stucuk's free time.

When was the project started?

The project was started in 2008 and the Free Map Editor had a complete overhall in 2009 (Aka Rebuild from the ground up).

What 3rd Party Libraries are used?

The project uses the following 3rd Party Libraries:

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